Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) governing the Sale and Use of
Introductory Flight Vouchers (“Vouchers”)

1. General
a. Definitions
i. “We”, “us”, “our” means the Club, its staff, pilots and members.
ii. “You”, “your” means the person who purchases or uses the Voucher and any person
accompanying you at the airfield.
iii. “Day” means any weekday except Bank and Public Holidays.
iv. “CAA” means the Civil Aviation Authority and “EASA” means the European Aviation Safety
v. “Introductory Flight” an air tour in the local area. Flights are not required to conform to the same
safety regulations as those conducting Commercial Air Transport (CAT) / Public Transport (PT)
b. Acceptance
i. These Terms apply to all vouchers and replace any earlier Terms.
ii. By purchasing a voucher you agree to be bound by these Terms.
iii. English Law governs these Terms.
2. Limitations
a. Validity
i. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
ii. The flights must take place before the expiry date of the voucher.
iii. If necessary our vouchers can be extended by us, at our discretion for a £20 administration fee.
b. Physical
i. The minimum age is 2, there is no maximum.
ii. Passengers under 18 must be accompanied by a fare paying adult.
iii. Passengers must be able to board the aircraft unaided.
iv. The maximum individual passenger seat weight is 146kg, all passengers must be able to fasten
their seat belt and not restrict the flying controls. The maximum number of passengers may be
restricted by the pilot due to weight and balance considerations. The Pilot’s decision is final, no
refunds will be issued. If you have any concerns please contact us for advice.
c. Health
i. You must not fly if you are suffering from any serious medical condition or have recently
undergone surgery, unless you have a certificate of fitness to fly from your doctor.
ii. You must tell us about any disability or health problem that might affect your or our personal
safety prior to the day of your flight.
iii. We are not qualified to express an opinion about your fitness to fly. We advise you to seek
medical advice from your own doctor if in doubt.
3. Booking & Cancellation
a. General
i. It is your responsibility to book your flight and fly before your ticket expires. Our staff will not
call you to offer flight dates.
ii. Flight availability is strictly subject to seat availability at the time of booking.
iii. You may transfer the voucher to another person (who is also bound by these T&Cs), subject to
you notifying us at the time of redeeming the voucher or earlier, there is a £10 administration fee for
this service.
b. Cancellation & Postponement
i. We reserve the right to cancel a booking without notice and will not accept responsibility for any
costs you incur if this happens.
ii. If you cancel a booking within 14 days of the flight(s), your voucher will be forfeit; vouchers can
be reactivated, contact us for further information.
iii. If you subsequently cancel rebooked flights within 14 days of the revised flight date, the voucher
will be forfeit. Vouchers can be reactivated, contact us for further information.
iv. If you fail to attend, at the time booked, the voucher will be forfeit. Vouchers can be reactivated,
contact us for further information.
v. Although all introductory flights are booked for particular time slots with generous time gaps
between them, there may be operational or weather related conditions that affect the timing of the
vi. Provisional bookings will only be held open for 7 days from enquiry date. Booking cannot be
guaranteed after this period unless payment has been received in full.
4. Safety
a. Our operations are conducted in accordance with current CAA and EASA requirements.
b. You must observe and comply with any advice, request, instruction or decision made by us on the
grounds of safety or for any other reason, the pilot will decide which seat you are to sit in.
c. If you act in any way, which we deem dangerous or which may interfere with aircraft operations, we
reserve the right, without further liability to us, to cancel the voucher without refund and to require
you to leave the airfield or aircraft forthwith.
d. The passenger(s) must not consume any alcohol or drugs (other than prescribed medication) prior to
their flight.
e. Completed passenger & membership forms must be handed to the pilot or another team member
before your flight.
5. Liability
a. Description of flying activities
i. The descriptions and images used in our marketing material are accurate. However, they are
intended to give a general idea of flying and do not form part of any contract between you and us.
b. Loss of Voucher
i. We will not be liable for the loss or theft of a voucher nor for any loss so arising.
ii. You must produce the voucher to claim your flight. Blue Yonder Air Tours will issue a duplicate
voucher on payment of a £10 administration fee.
iii. Our maximum liability claim in connection with any voucher is limited to the price paid.
c. Limit of Liability
i. Our maximum liability for any flight or claim in connection with any Voucher is limited to the
price paid.
d. Third Party Voucher
i. Even though you are bound by the terms and conditions in this contract, we are not able to
provide a refund or exchange if you have purchased your ticket or package from someone other
than us.
e. Gift vouchers
i. If you purchase a flight as a gift you must ensure that the recipient receives these terms and
f. Weather
i. We strongly recommend that you email us at the day before your
flight to check the weather and serviceability of the aircraft.